If you are looking for a friendly dentist to give you teeth that will make you smile, consult Dr. Steven Neeley or Dr. Michael Litchfield. Neeley Dental is here to provide top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry services in Beaver, Pa, including veneers. We specialize in helping patients who want to restore their smiles and confidence through our state-of-the-art technology and modern techniques that make procedures more comfortable.

Our experienced team works with each patient individually toward oral health, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle needs. Veneers or one of our other cosmetic dental solutions may suit you. So don’t wait any longer! Get ready to show off your best smile today!

Schedule an appointment at Neeley Dental now and get started on your journey toward a picture-perfect smile! We can’t wait to show you how veneers work and why they are a great option.

Veneers for a Happy Smile

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you feel self-conscious about showing your smile? If yes, then veneers might just be for you! As one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry solutions, veneers can transform the appearance of your teeth and give you a great reason to smile. 

Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are custom-made to fit over your natural teeth. They look like your natural teeth but can be used to improve many aspects of your teeth, including:

Discolored teeth: Many different things can discolor your teeth. Veneers offer a permanent solution that can whiten and beautify them. 

Worn-down teeth:  Veneers can restore the shape, size, and length of worn-down teeth. 

Cracked or broken teeth: Veneers can hide cracks, chips, and fractures in your teeth.

Gaps between teeth: We can use ceneers to fill in gaps between your teeth, giving you a more even smile.

Misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth: We can also use veneers to mask misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth, giving you an even smile.

Veneers are a fantastic option because they provide a hassle-free solution to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. They require little to no preparation, and the procedure is painless. The process involves a consultation with your dentist, and an impression of your teeth will be taken. Your dentist will then create a mold of your veneers which will be custom-made for your teeth. The veneers bond your teeth, giving you a natural-looking, straighter, and brighter smile.

Veneers can last up to ten to fifteen years or more with proper care. They are highly resistant to stains and discoloration and do not require any special maintenance. Simply brush and floss as you would with your natural teeth, and go for regular dental check-ups to maintain your veneers.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, veneers can also help to protect your natural teeth from further damage. They act as a shield and can protect your teeth from chips, breaks, and stains.

Even though cosmetic dentistry treatments may not always be cheap, you get the best value for money. Depending on various factors, including placement and the complication involved in fitting them, the cost of veneers can vary greatly. But at Neeley Dental, we strive to provide affordable dentistry so anyone can access quality care. 

For the most accurate estimate on your treatment, it’s best to speak with your dentist, who can provide you with an exact quote based on your needs. They will also be able to advise you on the most suitable type of veneer. 

Veneers in Beaver

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth and achieve a radiant, winning smile, veneers are the perfect solution. They offer a hassle-free, painless way to transform teeth and boost self-confidence. So, book a consultation at Neeley Dental today and take the first step towards getting a beautiful, Hollywood-worthy smile!

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